Justin Bieber's Female Fan Is Arrested for In Breakage at His Beverly Hills Home

Arrested for Trespassing at His Beverly Hills Home
Justin Bieber has encountered another victim this month as it was reported that a woman link into the Friends singer.The woman in question aged about 40 year old more that the singer.Truly the so report about this occurrence that aimed on Justin Bieber is yet to be more clearly.Investigation has been made after the Monday night, October 23 this surfaced on the singer's house in Beverly Hills for the third time in a week, TMZ reported.

During that time,a police man who normally took his part at Beverly Hills reported that the cops received signal about a new capture by Justin Bieber Security who was able to detain the woman while about three cops arrived for details and to take the victim out of Justin Bieber's Beverly Hills Home.

The woman has been reported that she also show up last week just in multiple time and the woman intend to do no harm to Justin Bieber.But through out this time the woman already been warned to have her back-off from the Pop singer as source told us.The Warning is not enough to the 40 years old woman yet she has to come back in no reason that we are unable to tell right now.

So in the last appearance to Justin Beiber's house she has to fall a victim after she caught breaking through the pop mansion and it was made known that Justin Beiber was around during the time the woman show up.What to woman doing with Justin Bieber,nobody call actually tell but source also disclosed that the woman has try the possible best to contact Justin Bieber but it wasn't that easy for to take a ride so she took item two to fix her worry but resulting to police custody.

The fan was booked on suspicion of trespassing and is being held at the Beverly Hills police station. According to Coulter, the bail was set at $4,000.Well Justin Bieber didn't mentioned any emphasis but everything has been taken care off.Previously on Top with Justin Bieber,he labeled his body with a new ink of the year.

This singer has drew a lot of tattoo on his body but he keep getting ride off to embed a new ink which we showed about two ink in first part and the second one which he inked recently.

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