Jennifer Lopez Linked Up Concert With Boyfriend and Ex Husband-Following Disaster at Puerto Rico ''One Voice''

Jennifer Lopez Linked Up Concert With Boyfriend and Ex Husband
Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend  Alex Rodriguez with the ex husband has band a new interesting concert following the nasty occurrence at  at Puerto Rico called ''One Voice''. We thinks that this shouldn't that swirling with most people who are staking about the triple stars although this time let's headbutt the main good news that seem to be linking Jenni,boyfriend and ex husband.

Following the prior weekend activities surfacing at Miami and Los Angeles on Saturday, October 14 were more than pair leap out for the disaster that never seem more good but awful in the actual reason.She took it herself to perform with her interesting tracks during the concert.She also took inspiration as one the major encouragement at the concert expressing deeply about the incident in Puerto Rico.Top record with her after she stated that,

"Tonight, we are all here as one voice, to declare loudly and clearly in English and Spanish to every man woman and child in Puerto Rico and beyond that you are not forgotten, you are not alone." "We are all here to help, not just because you are Americans but also because you are family, familia," she added. "This disaster hits very close to home. We will never forget those terrifying days where many of us could not find our friends and family, and hear their beautiful voices."
She talked about many things and showcased her skills in singing career .watch below

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