Jay Z looking Forward Over Harvey Weinstein’s Share-Is He about to Make a Purchase

Jay z intention Over Harvey Weinstein’s Share is actually telling that Jay is that open to take over the company with famous movie produce.this can be a Battle of so many people fighting to get a specific as TMZ has reported about three people who are seriously looking to buy Harvey Weinstein’s Share.The Site also reported that Jay is aiming to have his huge relation with the company meanwhile he “acquiring a substantial equity stake in” it as the site told us.

Citing “multiple sources connected to Jay,” TMZ reports that the rapper, along with an investment group that includes “a famous movie producer and a billionaire,” are looking into buying Weinstein’s 23% stake in the company. TMZ also says that Jay-Z is interested in expanding his relationship with the company by “acquiring a substantial equity stake in” it, which makes sense considering the existing relationship between the two.

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