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Cambridge was once described famous as well known and recognized by many people yet there's still most popular people in this world.Some of the celebrating celebrities has that nasty days if tracing their origin and this is what we are about to discuses today on Top.Some times when some one became famous,people might not understand what they pass through in those days although there's most of the popular celebrities who became famous just overnight without encountering any problem that has to do with life while some do encountered the major part of what made them to be a famous celebrities.

There's so many reason why you should be famous but all you need to know is that the name celebrities is not any easy to bear and you need to encounter many problems or either you are one of the overnight night famous people.many odd will rise against you and if you don't mind you will unlucky fall out from what you aim to actualize.

As Top has it,many celebrities you are or we are celebrating today was once like household,a cleaner,a taxi driver and most even run that local Entrepreneur from different perspective .strange pains,struggle,weeping with that despair and having their relentless on worthless life.this has been what most of the big head celebrities over come yet they finally end celebrating their lives in that heavy prolific.

Well,most of them has given reason they you should live no matter what seem the rod standing on the way.some credit or acclaim should be a feedback to Top because most times why we talk about this is to lighten the upcoming creature with more brighter light of future.Story of Rihanna is what juggernaut us to put on hand written on Top.She's one of the celebrities who is been effected with worldly pain.Her bio shouldn't be encouraging of what made her famous.

The following up line is going to show you some negative time with most of our p celebrities although some never encountered this Celebrities you knew today are celebrating past pain which is serving them as a better glory.

No.1.Rihanna:Rihanna has that creepy limit time in her life during her childhood.This famous star Rihanna is capable of given her testimony if when asked about her previous years.She need dreams of becoming what she is today but she thank God for that after her pains.She was able to meet someone who helped her life in most cases and who helped her to see the success of her life.

Rihanna has experienced Spain,sorrow,hard time,weeping even involved in illness drug abuse.But she was lucky at the age of 16 to have first encounter with Jay z.Her audition made Jay z took notice of the young Barbadia name Robyn Rihanna .
Rihanna-Hero (when she was 15 years old)

Rihanna | On The Record

After Jay z Signed her,Rihanna start to follow her career gradually which made her to start smashing a lot of award winning.Rihanna won eight award from Grammys after she dropped seven album in the newly signed label by Jay z.During that time of past ten years Rihanna is the first female artist with  No.1 hits on Billboard hot 100 in a single year.

She was named the first first black spokeswoman for Dior,according to vogue UK.and she also released a track called below
So all this things wasn't that easy for her and i she has Jay z's back.

                      How famouse is nicki minaj
No.2.Nicki Minaj
:The story of how celebrities became famous shouldn't be that new to you.But what if you are one the fan of Nicki Minaj,have you ever think of how she made it.The story of Nicki Minaj of how she became more than wildest who raps today is something a fan of of Nicki Minaj need to Know. One of our post that surfaced in the past most about what you should about Nicki Minaj has also made a clue about this diva.

The above link brought out some information about Nicki Minaj who bear the name Onika Tnya Mara has dreams to be actress yet she end up becoming a female rapper who have driven so many awards for herself .Nicki Minaj attended La Guardia High School which is music and art in it specialist.Post published online also disclosed Nicki Minaj while attending La Guardia finally surfaced on a play called In case you forget during the year of 2001.Nicki Minaj is not that person who passed through pain like Rihanna .

Now at the first stage she appears by debuting on a play called in case you forget during that time Nicki Minaj didn't perform well in the play after she dreamed of becoming actress.So after this,she started looking for alternative way to single herself for to become an actress and she made it up finding her way to waitressing  to make end meet.

During her staying in the restaurant,eventually though,Nicki Minaj was fired for been rude to costumers.Then after,she was bounced out from the restaurant and she joined a rap group called Hoodstars teaming as a crew with loustar,scagg beezy and 7 Seven up who once talked about Nicki Minaj.They lead the entrace song for wwe's diva Victoria titled don't mess with in 2014.Her first mixtap hits on dirty money records while with the label she dropped about two tap of mix Suckfree and bean me up.

The during the year of 2008,she won female artist of the year as Cardi b did.After the success with the label,she later signed under young money entertainment during the year 2009 meeting Ll Wayne,Drake and Tyga.Her team crew her to the wold high profile ,like Kanye West,Jay z and Rick Ross.During the year 2009 with her new group were she she hits up with this single Bedrock which surfaced on UK Billboard as No.2 on Hot 100.

Nicki Minaj finally made with Young Money after she dropped the track Bedrock which dub her and the label a great name.Now that she's activated,Young Money need more attention from her meaning that she's lucky to meet with Rihanna who already blow up so Young Money was able to link Nicki to Rihanna and this and this was the first time that they Mate.Nicki Minaj featured on a Rih's loud album.

Now after all opportunity that she grabbed with Young Money,Nicki Mina has already made that great name for herself.

                                hOW fAMOUS IS bEYONCE
No.3.Beyonce:Beyonce and Jay z has pull the best that they can.They are the most recommended couple  who's net worth rise more than ever as one of our post details some peripheral about them but Beyonce in particular.Bringing the fame of Beyonce under history is another story that each of every fan of Beyonce will like to hear.Come to inspiring singers,Beyonce is one of the luckiest woman on earth who found her career as a music artist who stock in Houston Texas.

Beyonce married Jay z the Hip-Hop Mogul in the Hip-Hip.Now married to music mogul Jay Z, Beyoncé is the third-most honored woman in Grammy Award history— claiming 17 wins — and a global symbol for female empowerment.

Her chart-topping solo singles include "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", "Halo," "If I Were A Boy," "Irreplaceable," "Naughty Girl," and "Crazy In Love."In honor of the original Independent Woman's 32nd birthday, get to know Beyoncé as the daughter, wife, mother, superstar, businesswoman, and free spirit that defined a generation of R&B and pop.

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