'House of Cards' Experienced Sexual Assault That Lead To Cancellation By Netflix

'House of Cards' Experienced Sexual Assault
'House of Cards' has experienced a bad headbutt from one of the heavy streaming services called Netflix.Net is now over running this investigation over the 'House of Cards' after executive producer was nab over bad act which was said to be a sexual assault or can we call it a sexual harassment over any up coming actor.

Net is no longer waiting for and excuse about this and they are seriously making their possible best to take action against Kevin Spacey.Top grabbed the information from an interview with Buzzfeed and sited with  “Star Trek: Discovery” star Anthony Rapp claimed that Spacey had sexually assaulted him at a party in 1986 when he was 14.According from variety,
Spacey later apologized to Rapp in a statement released hours after the interview was published in which he said he was “beyond horrified” by Rapp’s story, saying he did not recall the incident. Spacey was criticized Monday by GLAAD and gay activists for including in his apology a statement saying that he was choosing “to live as a gay man”

Now as this was revealed,Top has finally understand that Netflix and media capital are about to take action about this dash on Spacey and it finally surfaced on Monday were Netflix and media capital disclosing how bad they feel about the above stated interview of cus it was talking about Kevin Spacey.Well,in all round story of what the Two companies are about to say this time is that as for Kevin spacey has been hated on the series.

The two companies Netflix and Media Capital unveiled categorically that their work is to keep all duties save.Since Spacey is the executive producer and star in 'House of Cards',what are we actually going to experience this time.House of Cards has been with Netflix and this time it clangs with them although no much action was taken but Netflix are trying to clear their work.

You should also know that for the past annual at least in the past four years now the series has that great acclaim of 53 Emmy Awards — including five nominations for outstanding drama series.However the upcoming installment series,we have sight from the source that it will kick up in Maryland,yeah i mean the season six but as for now there's no idea about the premium date has been told yet.

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