Fetty Wap Wants to Stamp His Name Like Beyonce Aimed to Do To Her Daughter

trademarking fetty wap
Fetty Wap is now seeking that respect separately and he never think of see anybody bearing the same name and that's why he is about to Trademark his name permanently.Remember if this is granted to him it point that nobody is able to bear the name.Source told us that Fetty is currently fighting for that and i thing soon of any moment it might be granted. 

If the trademark’s granted, Fetty will be the only guy who can use the name for all things music. And if anyone wants to plaster the name on hats and t-shirts … don’t even think about it. It’s interesting … while it may seem like a given for rappers to trademark their name … it’s not always the case. Common was actually known as Common Sense before a reggae band sued him … because they had the rights. (TMZ)

We also remember the time that Beyonce trying to Trademark her daughter's name Blue Ivy.Although the new wasn't granted for her as a company that bears the same name with her daughter fired a shot which is lawsuit and since then her action over her daughter is still on pending order.

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