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Download - ‘Everybody Knows’, ‘Hope You Do’ & ‘Pull Up’ - Chris Brown Drops 3 Songs

‘Everybody Knows’, ‘Hope You Do’ & ‘Pull Up’ - Chris Brown Drops 3 Songs
Chris Brown again,back with another new tracks in the exit of the previous track -‘Confidence’, ‘Tempo’ & ‘Only 4 Me'.Now he just drops another three making the album to get to it level as expected.The only thing Chris Brown is fight is just to complete the album and Breezy truly coming the end of the album Heartbreak on A Full Moon as well dropped a track High end ft Young Thug and Future.We also show up with Chris Brown Track list in his upcoming album.

October 31 will soon be no more anticipating main thinking about Chris Pro which is arriving in this dated season.Heartbreak on A Full Moon should also surface in most streaming service which will soon embed here on Top.The artist who serve as a guest in the most recent track of Chris Brown are Future,Young Thug, Verse Simmonds and Ty Dolla Sign and we guess if he will still feature anther guest star in this his album.

On ‘Hope You Do’, he samples Donell Jones’ classic track ‘Where I Wanna Be‘ and does a pretty good job with it. Breezy has promised that we won’t be skipping too many songs on the long album and so far, it is looking really good. The songs are out in international markets already and will be available worldwide at midnight. While You stream this tracks above,you can as well download them below following the links we provide for all.You shouldn't be the only one who is waiting for this album and of cus you are not because everybody are waiting for this from Chris Brown.Below is the double link of Chris Brown ‘Everybody Knows’, ‘Hope You Do’ & ‘Pull Up’ you need to download.

Everybody Knows

Hope You Do

Pull Up

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