Did Cardi B Previews New Single-Listen To Cardi B's Upcoming Track

cardi b new track
Following her first step that merit her the three consecutive award on Billboard Hot 100,this diva has another new track coming on the way but it looks a twin of “Bodak Yellow”.

Cardi B at least has derived that good impression that her fellow female rap stars keep embezzling some body like Nicki Minaj and others.the fondness of  Bodak Yellow is still alive and electrify everybody since last week was that she grabbed that Billboard Hot 100 in the third time and it was actually certain that she
overweight Taylor Swift with her Bodak Yellow.We all believes that she's the first female rapper that has run that solo since auryn Hill in 1998 to score a solo Billboard No. 1 song.This Diva claims it right over taking most of the Top female rapper even Remy Ma and Lil Kim although they all sent her that awesome congrats following her Bill Chart.

As of last month she continue to impress her fans with those experience track yet the line of her track Bodak Yellow keep igniting to the best.As of recent also she has verge it again by showing her upcoming track just on IG after she run a show.Cardi B rap some thing that looks like her previous hot single but i doubt it that this upcoming is also a fire. “Get money go hard every motherf***king day / Ain’t never been a fraud in my motherf**** life / Get money go hard damn f****ng right / Never mention these b*tches out of mother****** spite,” Bardi raps.

Cardi B has been working assiduously after she debuted Bodak and she believes she gonna do more than that in the upcoming single.It was also rumored that she still some line from Meek Mill which was not official approved but folks thinks that she's such a creepy.

A post published online disclosed that Cardi B is being slammed after the investigate that she still some line from Meek.According to a clap back from a fan stating that,  “I’m not a hater I’m just stating facts. She took kodak’s flow to make bodak yellow now she’s using meek’s flow from dreams and nightmares to make this,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Now she stealing Meek flow. Lmfao can she get her own style. First Kodak, then Drake, and now Meek.”Well,Cardi B's Bodak Yellow has no dash but having the secret that leaps her to the best level she is this time.
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