Did Cardi B Just BreakUp With Offset- After Ex Release From Prison

cardi breaks with offset
Who and Who waiting for each other,But wait is Cardi B still remembering the Ex who has spent more seasons in the prison.

Report Just reached Top as it being review if the pair still keeping their relationship so far.But who claimed that they off,well the rapper is proving the fact that she's still,what dose that mean to his fans.Everybody is asking Cardi B if she has breakup with Offset who recently get featured by Future and Young Thugger in their single called Super Slimey.Source has caught up with Cardi B social Media seeing her announcing that she's single after that ignite both overshadow on each other just on Saturday Night though that was absence to Top.

What does Cardi B Sign mean to her fans,after she leap out on IG with the caption “Peace nikka,” she captioned on her IG account. The Migos rapper followed suit a short time later by posting the peace emoji on his Snapchat.see below post .

Well,Twitter has chatter around by forward the cause this awful to Cardi B Ex-boyfriend name boyfriend
Tommy.Peaople has render the hogwash the Ex of Cardi B blaming that he the whole cause of Cardi Breaking Up Offset who has been with her since all this season she's smashing all award with her hot single called Bodak Yellow.Top also remember that last time with Cardi Statement,disclosing she gonna help the ex to sit well anytime he's out from the prison.Main looking at this the rapper is making the promise to the ex.

While she was a cast member on Love and Hip Hop New York, Cardi B and her relationship with Tommy was her main storyline. They two broke up after he went to prison but it seems like there is no love lost. While Cardi has been making a lot of posts on Instagram, Offset has been radio silent aside from the peace emoji. He even still has several photos of her up which means there could be a chance that they could patch things up. “Sometimes you gotta do sh*t the old you would do,” she wrote on IG. “So mfers know not to play with the NEW you!”.
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A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on
What do you think,Cardi was reportedly been Kicked out from Albaye hotel for no good reason.in YouTube video were everything show up and aslo were rapper and winter Boo claims Cardi B was booted from a Hilton in Albany.In Hotel were all Cardi and her female crew is,was observed by one of the staff in the hotel meanwhile it seem they all are suspected smoking weed as the staff thinks.But Card B Claimed that was a false allegation that she and her team members don’t smoke.see below.

“Albany is known for being racist,” Cardi says at the beginning of the video. “And I really experienced that shit yesterday.” She claims that “everybody on the floor” apart from her group was “caucasian,” and that the staff decided her group was responsible for the weed smell despite not searching the room or finding evidence of any kind. “Now if you know me, I don’t even talk about smoking weed,” she says at one point. “Everybody knows I do not smoke weed. I get very paranoid...We could all get drug tests. Nobody smokes.”
At the end of the video, Cardi says:
“And then they told us that earlier there was some rap artist that was smoking weed and they got kicked out too. We’re not associated with them! I just can’t. Really. I really can’t.”
Per TMZ:
The PIO says no evidence pointed to the weed coming from anyone in Cardi’s camp, but they left regardless. That’s when Cardi was woken up and asked to join them, causing her [to call the staff ‘racist motherfuckers’] in the lobby. We’re told no one was arrested, and that Albany PD denies allegations of racism.
Watch below.
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