Chance The Rapper and Obama Link Up Inaugural Summit-Chance Offering a Concert to Obama

As Obama Foundation coming to that approach just this month it will be good also that Chance The Rapper as well going to show up with Barack Obama following the two days activities involving civic leaders from respective countries.The event is coming up this month as we said and is being dated on October 31 to November 1 in Chicago.

The Rapper has announced fully that will offer a concert for Obama which is also grated by the forma USA President Barack Obama and all exception with the pair are highly anticipating from now to till then.At the same venue Chance The Rapper and and Gloria Estefan are the last stage concert on that very day meaning the concert will closed by the two.Obama Foundation also announced that some of the friends of Chance are going to show up as well.

“With the Obama Foundation Summit, we’re bringing together young leaders from across Chicago, the country and the world to share ideas,” said Obama Foundation CEO David Simas. “We look forward to joining these leaders, Chance, Gloria Estefan, and The National in an event that inspires individuals to see themselves as change agents and celebrates civic engagement.”

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Watch a video of Chance making the announcement below. The event is set to be live streamed well online.

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