Cardi B Whats New - Cardi Being With Beyonce is Leading to a New Single Feat. Beyonce

cardi happy for billboard hot 100
Cardi in no other bearing her name so successfully.We knew it that Cardi B and Beyonce are coming for something iconic after meeting in one or two show yet they are unveiling a new single soon.Beyonce is might not be mistaking she's working on a new project and of cus she has got one of a track called J Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente featuring Beyonce.The track also show with another version of it type in a dance floor as we updated.The track is refer to be the first track of Beyonce after she gave birth to sir and rum.

We has recall with Cardi B and Beyonce on a show where she announced about her upcoming pro while she meet with Beyonce.Atually,during that time,is already taken as certain that Bey and Cardi are coming for a new work of studio meaning that since all this days they are sparking up the studio silently.                                                             Cradi B and Beyonce at show.
She is working secret with Beyonce just for to touch some line for her and for upcoming fourth debut album which has become one of the most anticipated of the year. But can she repeat the huge success of her breakout number 1 hit ‘Bodak Yellow’? Having Beyonce on the song definitely increases the chances.

Ashby might be leaking the track with a new yet after the rapper was caught reading via the mic and source to Top that's a new track coming out from Cardi B studio.In other hand,just in the screen was view up showing Cardi B feat. Beyonce.We have suspect that the new it is featuring Beyonce and is teaming up with Cardi for her make up album pro.

Check out the screenshot we took, below. If this ends up being true indeed, it will be a major shot in the arm for Cardi B.
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