Billboard Announces New Chart Factor Changes On Streaming Services-Paid Streaming Services to Get More Weightage

Billboard New Chart method
It seem this days now there has been a lot things to take on if at all Billboard is coming with a new platform.Although their new method can only favour the celebrities who pay on streaming services as stated so far.Streaming music online has been one of the main thing that fans keep login to get that specific track listen before making any other options or to download or may share it across media.And again,Just notice the streaming services like Billboard and RaR are going deeply to rate it more higher in their chart or streaming platform which Billboard is making us to know its new method right away.

It might sound that good to most of us with this new notice from Billboard in the chart oriented and the fact is that this streaming company has nabbed the best so far yet new ideas keep leaping and spring in other to favor the single chart on album. To give recognition to the new ways, Billboard has announced new methods to incorporate streaming data into their various charts.

Do you know that Billboard has to render acclaim to those single album or any single line that's on streaming platform like,Apple streaming,I-tunes streaming,Tidal streaming,spotify streaming,soundcloud streaming and we also grabbed the time it was announced from Billboard that even YouTube can  also be another way of rating.

Now If all the above mentioned are been paid for any single streaming,Bill is adding and raking it as one the flowing in the chart board.All this will help the chart on Billboard to rank as expected so the fact is that if you are paying for any online streaming may your new single you sit to encounter some benefit from Billboard and it will also balance how a track is been streamed online.

The overall scheme of calculations will still be made up of streaming, radio airplay and sales of digital songs. The Billboard 200 will now also include two tiers of on-demand audio streams — paid subscription audio streams and ad-supported audio streams as mentioned above with the former getting more weightage. But they have decided not to include YouTube streams into the 200 chart, as was being considered earlier. The three metrics for the 200 album chart will continue to be: traditional album sales, track equivalent albums and streaming equivalent albums.

This also addresses the controversy from July this year when Tyler, The Creator accused TIDAL of exploiting the streaming rules by placing Meek Mill’s Wins & Losses album in front of the TIDAL paywall, thereby affecting the overall numbers.

Below is a detailed chart of list of streaming services contributing plays on both the Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 chart, and their respective genre charts.
billboard Chart streaming method
billboard Chart streaming method 2

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