About 6 Fans Upseted on Lady Gaga - About her Horrifying Wax Figure

lada gaga wax
Who are doing the nasty on her,her fans has move that long to criticize Lady Just on social Media after trying to immortalized with a wax figure which sometimes not the suitable to most of our celebrities.Well Lady gaga is not mind what hogwash means or even thinking what people/fans are currently speaking about her just in this Wax sculpture.This art surfaced at museum in Lima, Peru, last week although it seem that fans are trying to gather some thundering reply about her replica of their idol as most talk about online.

The statue looks nothing like the 31-year-old singer/songwriter. The wax figure is dressed in one of the "Million Reasons" songstress' most famous costumes, the meat dress she wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but it's the statue's face structure that gets fans upset.

A fan first leaps out this Wax comparing to Lady gaga and that exactly looks like her the art work is already on the best fit sharpen amazing,wacky face, unlike GaGa's in real life. The hair, teeth and skin are also horrible that fans can't find anything similar to the superstar.

Well fans has over reacted on Twitter about Lady gaga and the wax figure.see below.

washingtonexaminer also updated us about Laday Gaga,were Obama says he'll let George H.W. Bush and Lady Gaga 'handle the singing' after viral photo.According to Barack Obama,he stated on twitter that

"Not sure abt 39, @BillClinton, 43 and @BarackObama, but I would have sung w @ladygaga if asked. Thanks to all for supporting @AmericaAppeal," former President George H.W. Bush tweeted.
"I'll let you and @ladygaga handle the singing, and we'll handle the donations. There's still time to give: http://oneamericaappeal.org"see below
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