9 Days Flash Back - Mr.P Drops First Solo After Split - Stream ‘Cool It Down’ on Top

Peter Okoye releases first solo single
About nine days on exist ,Top received that report about Peter Okoye that he split with his brother Paul Okoye.Psqsure in earlier group once encountered some series of dash during the annual of 2017 but they are lucky to fix the misdemeanor around them but they finally took their subsequent issue to as of last year over this year which resulted to a serious felony and they wave the label Psquare aside as for now.

However Top has also recorded some subtext from Peter Okoye who is also  in line with his brother Paul Okoye of run respective solo clanging it with Mr.P Rec and Rudeboy rec.Many new has surfaced online regarding to this pair singer from Nigeria and meanwhile each is now dropping new single line as Peter who took it first by dropping ''Cool It Down'' .Stream below.

Peter Okoye also reviewed on IG following the split he countered with his brother Paul Okoye stating that he is official staying he's alone and Top also recall when a visual surfaced on one the Nigeria site tooxclusive where he talked about his most problem in the family.Peter Okoye created his own IG account juts for his Music label depicting many things on the account and also one of his music Kiss Kiss which he claims he did it alone.

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