21 Savage New Video Called ‘Nothin New’ Now For Watch-Hot Video

What is the main meaning of this track called Nothin New from 21 Savage,actually this track is for something for us to know about when regarding to the political action or can i said the police brutal.21 Savage may be condemning some force from the policemen who are taking the nasty action on human being.This Video is just a demonstration of what the acting President In USA has engaged on as many Top Stars keep slamming the government with the deepest deed.

The Atlanta rapper has released his new video ‘Nothin New’ today which starts off with a few clips of people like Colin Kaepernick, Barack Obama, and LeBron James. The video then follows a young boy who robs a corner store for food, due to the difficult circumstances he’s in. A police offer then conveniently guns the kid down.You can start watching the video below.

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