2 Chainz New Upcoming Album - Announced after - Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Exit

2 Chainz Upcoming Album Has a Name
Yesterday was the same moment with Gucci Mane were he announced the new upcoming album after Mr Davis depart as the previous album and he then said he is rising more money for his Honeymoon celebration with his wedded wife.Although it that surprising that he rapper/singer is coming for another Album after the first one surfed earlier this year yet he forward again by dropping Mr.Davis .So you all should bear it that Gucci Mane is still coming back for another album and the date is yet to be drop.

If you are a fan of Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz there's still hope that your favorite Hip-Hop stars are coming for something iconic which means that Chainz and Gucci Mane are the next anticipating artist of any soon or later.This artist will now be line with some other Hip-Hip artist who are yet to drop their promise album like.Chris Brown,Tory Lanez,Snoop Dogg,Tyga even Cardi B who promise her fans of her fourth album are being anticipating by their fans.Cardi is also on studio with Beyonce and few days she made it clear after she was reported on break up offset to her released ex boy friend.

2 Chainz took iit during the Tuesday Night were he posted his embedded to his fans about his upcoming album.The rapper nabbed it in the first time were we peek on him posting the snaps from his The Real University although everyone thinks that's the only thing he gat that night but he later electrify the social media follower by post the heart warming post.“New album on the way, I’m farther than I thought I was !!! Naw I’m lying I knew I had some shit brewing #nocap #drenchGOD,” he stated on IG.

You should also grab that the rapper announcing his new upcoming album is not that secret or shouldn't miff to anybody because 2 Chainz already hits the studio more than a couple.So during the night on IG it was a breaking new given to 2 Chaiz fans owing to the expectation from his fans.he has been hitting the studio laying down some tracks for the new project and he now feels confident enough to publicly announced it.

Like Hiphop-n-more normally said that artist are dropping project this days now, and is only few stars are meditating to settle down meanwhile 2 Chainz can be counted as of the artist who are working in slow pro just to improve his fact.Though Pretty Girls Like Trap Music surfaced in June but the rapper is a deep away from his fans and Top can still prove that  this upcoming album is strongly to show up at the year ending but we dub it as a next year 2018.see below

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