Why Lionel Messi Is Yet To Sign a New Barcelona Contract

Lionel messi new contract
Are you expecting Lionel Messi to make a new deal with FC Barcelona,probably the professional football player is quit considering to take a new action with his acting club Barcelona FC.Today on top we will discus why Messi is delaying to make a new hot deal with his club FC Barcelona.

Earlier run,it was announced that Messi accept to make a new contract with his club as Barcelona FC told us in the past two 2 months and the news also headed to their official website for a clear clarification.FC Barca is in love with the professional football player Lionel Messi after we acknowledged the earlier update about Messi prolonging his staying in the club.

Is Messi staying in Barca till 2021?. This is the actual question we are asking FC Barcelona.Barca has it without balk that the super-star s heading to 2021 year.the club also made us to know that Lionel Messi will soon be signing his new with them without a much time but given it just in a prior of the pre-season and the deal be made categorically.

                               What President Josep Maria Bartomen Saying About Messi
When is Messi leaving the FC Barcelona?-as the club stated that Messi is leaving Barca on 30th 2021,thats the actual date as the barca website updated on their news.They also disclosed that the contract of Messi should be handed in the week thats about to fall after Messi return to thr pre-season training.

Barca is ready for Messi and they are willing to accept him and welcome him but the fact is that the club only need is clearance and his signature to prove the contract and make it genuine,as the President Josep Maria Bartomen told us.He also added that Messi is busy with his career and in most cases they are seeking for his convenes time for him to pick up the Barcelona new contract .

''it has been a busy schedule with a lot  games but we will fine the right moment'' the president said.

                                      Why Fans Are Worried About Lionel Messi
The only reason why fans are not happy with Lionel Messi is because by the end of this season his contract with his club Barcelona will come to an end and not only that but,Messi is currently being meet by other clubs just for them to accept his deal or contract.It riles many fans as Messi is yet to make a new contract in his acting club Barca FC.Fans want Messi to sign a new contract with the club before his staying runs out.

                        The Only Thing Delaying Messi To Sign A New Contract With Barca
Hmm,it sound good that Neymar exit is good to some of his fans and his exit is a biggest problem to FC barca.In fact source told that the failure of Barc starts the time Neymar depart from the club.Do you recall with us when Neymar said that he want Barca to fall tn this season following his exit.Not only for that but we are to talk about him and Messi,it been a hogwash when he stated that he spent four years there and was very happy.

''I spent four years there and was very happy.i began happy,spent four years happy and left happy.But not with them for me,they shouldn't be in charge of Barca.Barca deserve much better and everyone knows this''. as daily telegrah report.

Indirectly that's how fans thinks it.his emphasis aimed at Lionel Messi as he stays in the club for 13 consecutive years with Barca.Neymar thinks he should leave Barca and move over to the next club.Meaning that Messi is still considering his contract with the club Barcelona.

                                           What Inesta Say About Messi New Contract
Well,Inesta took it to the publication about Messi controversy on social Media and online broadcaster especially when the president talked about Messi leaving Barca.He is saying the midfielder had agreed a new deal as we talked earlier.But Iniesta claimed that the president Bartomeu is not saying the truth and because of this we are on certain about what they are trying to play as the argument about Messi keep rising.

However fans agreed in the percent of 80% to accept what the president said and agreed that Messi is going to stay and renew his contract with his acting club FC Barcelona. What do you think?

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