Watch Nicki Minaj Live Show With Rake It Up

rake it up show
Yo and Nicki Minaj again on stage to ignite the Rake it up.just last the pair demonstrated how the sound track is being carried and Nicki on her Dollar fit as she show up with With Rake.The video was released with last month August after she shared the BTS were she spring out a race with Blac Chyna on there Red and Blue cars.The video was a good shot as the visual appears in franchise at China as directed.

The is on in town as the pair fight to improve more expectation about Rake it.The accompany Music Video was on a highly flame following the full active their throwing while the audience makes their a watching view.Rake It was extremely on Mic after the due exchanges verse and rhymes.A lot of interesting Noise has made out from Rake It Up for Gotti and you can also agreed he track is the most charting single at Number below.
Nicki is currently working assiduously for her new album project which also disclosed the name ''Beyond Good''. The project was a forceful roll out from the diva after she was worried by her fans were they complained about her upcoming album since she dropped Pinkprint.

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