Usher New Sex Tap Allegation From Same Woman Who Claims Herpes

usher sex tap 2017
It flaws on again as the same woman who alleged Usher that he Expose Her to Herpes has came back, miff the singer just on a new report after her previous allegation so far that was aim on Usher. The headline has draw some synopsis which we are about to state in some few minutes now.

People are considering the swirling from the woman in question there by implementing balk on her which is serious taking shape,making a lot of argument following the woman who claimed Sex Tap against Usher.Quantasia who bears it name was extremely excited to announce her tap with the singer taking it on You-Tub to slammed usher with all force.

Quantasia took it as an interview to view it on You-Tub with vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor claiming that she gat a new tap with Usher who recently report on same issue about herpes.As top follows the report,Quantasia told vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor that she not ready to wrap any deets,in fact she had that sex tap and the R&B singer knew about even the time she was putting it on record.

So Usher knew that you were recoding the sex tap,vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor asked Quantasia and she do reply yeah. "I actually have videos," she said when asked about the kind of proof she has against Usher. "So he knew that you were recording him?" the host asked, to which Quantasia replied, "Yeah."

"I find that hard to believe, but girl of you say yeah. He knew that you was recording him doing sexual s**t on video?" the host continued. Quantasia bluntly answered, "Yes." She then made her point by adding, "Dead a** serious. That's what I keep saying. People lie, but video don't."

But actually the woman believes she gat every prove against Usher and she's ready to drag him for stalking against her as source told a prior before her earlier emphasis,she claimed also that usher pay a visit to her, she said in an interview on a cell phone.well it get to that long were the pair investigators meet each other though we also reported that Usher and Quantasia nabbed themselves during the year of  2014 in Atlantic City, New Jersey following a concert she with the R&B singer.peek blow.
Usher has received a lot of lawsuit just in this annual and in this few months that he face a hot lawsuit from Quantasia, along with another woman and a man, filed an STD lawsuit against Usher, whose real name Raymond IV."As a result of being diagnosed with Herpes and/or being exposed to the Herpes Virus, Plaintiffs have suffered severe emotional distress, birthing complications, stress, depression, anxiety about having contracted the disease or being exposed to Herpes," the suit read.

Usher is not in any condition to deny the alle from the Quantasia as source continue to bring in more prove.During the STD Usher feels reluctant about it meaning to Quantasia that he due enjoying it and then feel free for her to take any action.

"He never warned me about any STDs," she said. "It was just after my 19th birthday. I never heard from him again. When I first heard reports that he had herpes, I couldn't believe it." She added, "Although I am negative, I am upset by the reports because I never would have consented, if I would have known."
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