Tupac's Songs Never Dies With Him But You Need To See The 10 Lyrically Alive

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He just depart from the earth leaving everyone wondering if he still breath as a living person.Tupac dies and fondness that has to do with him can't be forgotten.He's such awful for leaving his fans on earth to inherit some difficulties,arguing and without snuggle are always being in between fans dragging if he is still alive or not.But if peradventure that Pac is still alive i think it due signifies that there's a third part of the living and the dead.Who is responsible to Tupac death?,No Body Knows about that incident even me as writer can't argue that he was killed or he took a peek to his life.

But all can't just imagine who the legend took a step to the land of the dead and we due agrees that he's dead indeed as every online broadcaster also agreed.A bit complex about his death still regarded as an incendiary from his bad friends.In Las vegas that's were he we were told he had his last day on earth.Shooting on black car was taken as the action precipitate on the night of September 7 1996.Pac was gun down shooter in a white Cadillac, which pulled up on the right hand passenger side of Tupac's BMW at traffic lights, opened fire at 11.15pm. as source told us.

The murder of Tupac Shakur is a tragedy — but the why is not a complete mystery.America has don in many ways in figuring if Pac is dead yet after all investigation about Tupac it seem that the investigators should also take more ride about Pac.Many keep proving about the legend Tupac being spotted for about ten 10 time.The above link has directed us how Tupac spotted live in a show or event with many prove.If we are still counting that Pac is dead,Top can as well prove that something about him are still an alliance to his career during his life time here on earth.

When it comes to Tupac music life,it also being regard as a rapper who talked about some nasty activities like streets, drugs, money, politics or emotions.yeah the mentioned is what makes him a bad guy alive.but putting more emphasis about Tupac,many of his Lyrical tracks keeping springing for that purpose and many of his track speak that relevant to us which you and i always listen to.Top will always show up with the most impracticable acknowledgement following a specific updates and a certain issue.

                                             Below Is The Best Tupac 10 Lyrically Alive

No.1. How Do You Want It?
“C. Delores Tucker, you’s a motherfucker,
Instead of trying help a nigga, you destroy a brother,
Worse than the others: Bill Clingon, Mister Bob Dole,
You’re too old to understand the way the game’s told,
You’re lame so I got hit you with the hot facts..”

No.2.Thugz Mansion
“Is there a way for me to change?
Or am I just a victim of things I did to maintain?
I need a place to rest my head,
With the little bit of homeboys that remain,
‘Cause all the rest dead,
Is there a spot for us to roll? If you find it,
                                                 I’ll be right behind you, show me and I’ll go."

No.3. I Ain't Mad At Ya
“See, first you was our nigga, but you made it so the choice is made,
Now we gotta slay you while you faded, in the younger days,
So full of pain while the weapons blaze,
Getting so high off that bomb, hoping we make it to the better days"
No.4.Dear Mama
“And even as a crack fiend, Mama, 
You always was the black queen, Mama,
I finally understand,
For a woman it ain’t easy tryna raise a man,
You always was committed,
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how you did it"

No.5.Keep Ya Head Up
"But please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up,
Forgive, but don’t forget, girl, keep ya head up,
And when he tells you you ain’t nothing, don’t believe him,
And if he can’t learn to love you, you should leave him,
‘Cause, Sister, you don’t need him,
And I ain’t tryna gas you up, I just call ‘em how I see ‘em"

No.6.Me Against The World
“The message I stress: to make it stop, study your lessons,
Don’t settle for less, even the genius asks his questions,
Be grateful for your blessings,
Don’t ever change, keep your essence,
The power is in the people and politics we address,
Always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic”

No.7.Hail Mary
“Penitentiaries is packed with promise-makers,
Never realize the precious time that bitch niggas is wastin’,
Institutionalized, I live my life a produce made to crumble,
But too hardened for a smile, we’re too crazy to be humble.”

No.8.So Many Tears
“Now there’s nothing left,
There was mercy on the streets,
I couldn’t rest, I’m barely standing,
About to go to pieces, screaming peace,
And though my soul was deleted, I couldn’t see it,
I had my  mind full of demons tryna break free,
They planted seeds and they hatched, sparking the flame,
Inside my brain like a match, such a dirty game”
“First ship ‘em dope and let ‘em deal to brothers,
Give ‘em guns, step back, watch ‘em kill each other,
“It’s time to fight back,” that’s what Huey said,
Two shots in the dark, now Huey’s dead,
I got love for my brother,
But we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other
No.10.Ghetto Gospel
“Don’t it make you get teary? The world looks dreary,
When you wipe your eyes, see it clearly,
There’s no need for you to fear me,
If you take your time and hear me,
Maybe you can learn to cheer me,
It ain’t about black or white, ‘cause we human,
I hope we see the light before it’s ruined; my ghetto gospel."
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