Top 10 Birdman Old Tracks and Lyrics

birdman top tracks and lyrics
He is not indoor if you are thinking that Birdman is currently experiencing his retirement.for the past 20 years,Birdman has been of the of the lucrative rapper of cus you can also called the CEO of cash Money entertainment.They only problem that's headbutting this mogul with Lil Wayne can be said a little misunderstand with Carter V which surfacing online.

Cash Money Enter. never ride alone with Birdman but during those days i mean the earlier age with Birdman when in 1991,he didn't made the record a self-centered but he also link with his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams to  make Cash Money a better future which later implement that significance to us now.

Now bring the brief story about Lil Wayne into Cash Money Recs. In that same year 1991 Lil Wayne Join Cash Money Records when he was aging to approximately 10 and in 1999 he debut the first label with Cash Money named  Tha Block Is Hot which also certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Cash Money also feature up most of this popular diva and mogul like Nicki Minaj and Drake who always make a difference in the C records.However Birdman been the CEO made that great impact,enabling his assiduousness to create a electrified to the record label.Most of his single tracks has craft so many unforgettable to his fans and that's  why Top is show the tracks that we thinks you should re-download.

Below are those track that ignite cloud with download platform

No.1."Still Fly" Feat. Mannie Fresh (Big Tymers):During 2014 that was when track was dropped as he ft Mannie was actually a dope track that keep reminding us about Birdman and it good in his music career especially when we talk about dope track.Still Fly lyrics also followed up with
What's up, Fresh it's our turn baby
Gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits
Ain't got no job, but I stay sharp, eh eh, eh eh, I stay sharp
Can't pay my rent cause all my money's spent
But that's okay, cause I'm still fly
Got a quarter tank of gas in my new E class
But that's alright, cause I'm gon' ride
Got everything in my momma's name
But I'm hood rich, la-di-da

watch below.

No.2."Pop Bottles" Feat Lil Wayne
Chopper straight shots and then pop bottles, (yea)
Flirt with the hood rats thin pop models (uh huh)
Chopper straight shots and then pop bottles (yea)
Flirt with the hood rats thin pop models,
[Birdman] Ok, we poppin champaign like we won a championship game,
[Lil Wayne] Look like I got on a championship ring,
[Birdman] 'cause I ball hard,
[Lil Wayne] No bitch we ball harder,
[Birdman] I am the Birdman,
[Lil Wayne] And I'm the J-R-uh,(vagalume)

No.3."I Run This" Feat. Lil Wayne:
I run this bitch and I'ma keep runnin'
I'ma keep runnin', one neva runnin' outta money
I'ma dog, I'ma stunt, if I don't do nothin'
And my car so pretty all these hoes wanna fuck it(songtexte)

No.4."Loyalty" Feat. Tyga & Lil Wayne

[Intro – Birdman]
Bigger than life
Get it how you live
Big money heavyweight

[Chorus – Tyga]
Uh, rain-snow, get my hustle on
Countin’ cash early morning (Priceless)
Before I leave home, leave home
Family I love, don’t wanna live this world alone (C4, yeah)
So before I leave home, leave home (Mula)
I pray to God I won’t, loyalty is all I know (YMCMB)
Before I leave home, leave home (that’s the lil homie)
I pray to God I won’t, loyalty is all I know (What up Ty? Yeah)
Before I leave home(lilwaynehq)

No.5."Fire Flame"
[Verse 1]
He is the flame
He draws me in
That burns within
It's a picture sweet, oh
The fix, the craze, by now he needs
Who I can breathe
And I just can't pull away
Can't get away, oh, oh

From the fire, fire, fire
I never wanna put it out
Burning, burning, burning
Fire, fire, fire
I never wanna put it out
Burning, burning, burning(directlyrics)

No.6."Y U Mad" Feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
[Verse 1 - Nicki Minaj]
I am the female Weezy, this shit is easy
Pull up in that new new, bi*ch get a squeegee
Yeah my flow sick, yeah my flow queasy
Haha, they were sleeping on me, z-zz-zz
This pu*sy clean, this pu*sy squeaky
That pu*sy old, that pu*sy creaky
When I'm out the country, niggas call me Neeki
Hi, how are you? Yes, it's nice to meet me
Damn, Billboard, I mean I'm winning but I'm still bored
Yeah we shine, gold cluster
As for your career, dead.. Ghost Busters

[Hook - Nicki Minaj]
That's why you mad
That's why you why you mad mad
That's why you mad
That's why you why you mad mad
That's why you mad
That's why you why you mad mad(nicki-minaj)

No.7."Born Stunna" Feat. Rick Ross
Born stunna
I’m a born stunna
Huh born stunna

Money money money money money bags
Money money money bags
Money money money bags
Money money money bags

Born stunna, born stunna
Flip a hundred keys just to ball all summer
Born stunna, born stunna
I put a hundred karats in the cartier mama
Born stunna, she’s a born stunna
Mercedes coup for the missus if she’s a born stunna
Born stunna, born stunna
Stack a hundred mill and another hundred comin’(azlyrics)

No.8."Balla Blocking"
Balla Blockin on me nigga
Balla Blockin my feed nigga
Balla Blockin that weed nigga
Balla Blockin my G nigga
Balla Blocking my hoes nigga
Balla Blockin my [?] nigga
Balla Blockin my shows
Balla Blockin get fold(langmanua)

Rich Gang!
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ms. Gladys
Back outchea on my bullsh-t, n-gga
Uptown, third ward
Real five star G
Where I’m from, n-gga, it’s respek, there’s disrespek
Then there’s total disrespek and it’s f-ck everybody
You dig what I’m saying? Let’s get it
I ain’t gon’ say it no more, n-gga, BLAT!(mynaijalyrics)

No.10."Wise Words" Feat. Jacquees

[Intro: Birdman]
Got my lil nephew Que with me

[Hook: Jacquees]
Yeaah, Aye ima tell you how it really go
These wise words from the youngin
I got the knowledge, I was honor roll
Can't fuck with shawty she too vunerable
You play your roll let's see how far you go
And I gotta Stunna on the defense
It be that nigga that ain't honorable(genius)
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