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Welcome to Thetopstars home of Hip-Hop hero of all time and popularly branded with name ''TOP'' as most of our fans worldwide calls us.In Monty moment Top about to show with the most active Hip-Hop music videos of all time here on our website, perhaps not only here on Top that all this videos that we about to leap has piggybacking in most cases but we have also encountered with our fellow site like Billboard,Bet,Hotnewhiphop,xxlmag e.t.c.

Actually it wasn't a retract that most of the Hip-Hop stars has don-in a glimpses following tracks,dope hits that surfaced with great feature either my featuring or getting featured.However, you should also count with Billboard and Bet with their top Hip-Hop award that was smashing by our super celebrities and Bet can be a typical example as it's Hip-Hop Awards took place been updated the past two days.

Directing our attention to those of them,i mean the Top stars like Drake,Nicki,Meek,Cardi B,The Weeknd,Jay and wife,Rihanna,Dj Khaled and most other Top stars linking as an international recognized, has given a revamp which never refute the Hip-Hop transgression but wrap the best of all time of their.

Which video have you ever run a relentless with?. But we always believes that the below visual is not a misdemeanor to you all but hope that all fans has enjoyed the best time in watching them all.Even on YouTub those video already set as the main premium and also given the reason advert is being carried on if am not mistaking.Below videos might be awful to most people owing to it visual,beat,or the kind of x-rated that direct by the director,may be within a short seconds you understand what am trying to lay my emphasis on.

As this annul continue to experience it short period,Top has also taken much time show with Hip-Hop video which has received acclaim all round and it continue to set more view on our site.Just take time to watch below interesting Hip-Hop Video videos from respective diva and mogul.

                                         Thetopstars 2017 Top Hip Hop Videos Of All Time

No.1.Cardi Bodak Yellow:
Cardi will continue to celebrate her hit track Bodak Yellow and this single has brings a lot for her since this year.The Lyrically of Bodak Yellow is such a back to back rims not to talk of her official video showing dope dollars and she raps in the black out as a sexy below.

No.2.Future-You Da Baddest ft. Nicki Minaj
:Another sexy Hip-Hop video of the 2017 that we have experince here on Top is ''You Da Baddest'' by future Ft Nicki Minaj.this track also surfaced as one of the leading on billboard Chart.On the Nicki attract all in attention just to make roll for Future.Nicki On red fit calling all eyes to peek on her and Future as she gesture her body just to demonstrate how it being done when it comes to below.

No.3.Kendrick Lamar - LOYALTY. ft. Rihanna:Another female singer ''Rihanna'' got it covered for Kendrick Lamar's video called Loyalty.A black dog get it started then a voice raised in a reddish room were bitchs dance and makes some sexy occurrence.Rihanna another kill in any video that she was featured has it killed again because main looking at the video she made a good rims while hanging around with Lamar. This track is one of the obvious in drick DAMN album.Watch Below.

No.4.DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller:What color has the video?,i it was actually slight red mix with green light color also.i can't recall how this video make more impact to all may be me but the fact is that it was awesome to re-watch her on Top.The video is one of view video on topstars and you can also see more here or you switch over to the video below.

No.5.Chris Brown - Party ft. Gucci Mane, Ushe
r:Breezy seem silent here on top.For a very long time we are yet to talk about him in any aspect.However,one of the tracks that has made a good awareness for breezy is this track called Party ft Gucci Mane and Usher.Is like dance hall club ans many showcased their dance step.This was released last year yet still having a watch can also see more at apple for more.

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