The Most Paid Celebrities In 2017

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Topstars  has it annual celebrities count down after get a lot of mileage out of something like the highest paid celebrities in this year 2017.Today on Top,let list out world popular Celebrities who ear it with out a moderate platform,but over earning limelight of their fans.

Is out, i ,mean actors/actress of the year 2017.An American actor ,producer,businessman,former model and former rapper has gap in the list today,headlining with a shock following our list.His called Marky Mark but dudes and pretties called called him Mark Wahlberg this nowadays

Young Wahlbery turned actor turned burger  proprietor brought in a stunning $68 Million in the last year despite terrible reviews for transformers:the last knight.

Wahlberg randomly admired Top Paid Actor of the year as a 2017 knocking down Dwayne Jonson,handicapping him of last year Top Paid Actors.In prior,the occurrence took place again.Wahlbery vs The Rock hits back to back but all avail but The Rock got himself a surprise as Wahlbery takes over the list in the annual Celebrities Top 10 with $68 Million.

While The Rock (Danwayn Jonson) the fast 5 actor star slop at $65 and we also driven off as we encountered the criteria last year with The Rock smashing and blowing up the current pay out about $64.5 following last year Top Paid Celebrities.

Dwayne Co-star  the xXXx movie CEO Vin Diesel can be Aline if we are to talk about the Top Fine 5 in the current list of of 2017.But he also slop at number three 3 after Wahlbery made the first in the list and the Rock nab the second in the list leaving Vin the made it trio in the list all in the Top 10 Paid Celebs.

Other followed actors like Adm Sander,Jackie Chan,Robert Downey aslo merit the list and all were leap up to the list so far.Now following the Top 20,the superhero actors ignites the list.Actors like Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans,Chris Pratt,Ryan Reynoldo,Mark Ruffalo and Downey.See below list......

The Most Paid Celebrites Actors Now In 2017
#20. Mark Ruffalo – $13 million

#19. Chris Pratt – $17 million

#18. Chris Evans – $18 million

#17. Jeremy Renner – $19 million

#16. Matt Damon – $21 million

#15. Ryan Reynolds – $21.5 million

#14. Ryan Gosling – $29 million

#13. Samuel L. Jackson – $30.5 million

#12. Tom Hanks – $31 million

#11. Chris Hemsworth – $31.5 million

#10. Akshay Kumar – $35.5 million

#9. Salman Khan – $37 million

#8. Shah Rukh Khan – $38 million

#7. Tom Cruise – $43 million

#6. Robert Downey Jr. – $48 million

#5. Jackie Chan – $49 million

#4. Adam Sandler – $50.5 million

#3. Vin Diesel – $54.5 million

#2. Dwayne Johnson – $65 million

#1. Mark Wahlberg – $68 million

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