The Game "Heaven 4 A Gangster" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio and Lyrics)

heaven 4 a gang star-the game
Yesterday we talked about Tupac and his music which still touching many souls for the matter of his great career in life.Many international superstars are also regarded as the upcoming during the time of Tupac and this days now they are paying a lot of contribution following the exit of the Tupac Legend.In this annual moment,not even that we all are honoring the departed Tupca but the celebrities who thinks that the rapper deserve accolades because his dub during his time are still on intact.

Now The game is bring that back time,remembering the time that we talked about 2 pac.The Game has pay a tribute to the legend in a new line of his track and that that also means that this current tribute to 2 pac is also going to be linked in his studio work which is his upcoming project.The New track is Titled ''Heaven 4 A Gangster'' that's the caption The Game gave out to the legend.As you continue to read,we are going to show up with the Download Links Of  "Heaven 4 A Gangster" and also give the Lyrics Of   "Heaven 4 A Gangster".

In the new track following Game flows,he pen in the tribute forwarding his intention about him in the best moment and lines in his track called "Heaven 4 A Gangster".The Game talked about Tupac in Heaven,stalking about the new life in 2017 though he thinks that 2pac be in a situation to experience such disgusted.“I’ve been on Lil Yachts/ Shot crips with Lil Uzis/ Got bricks from the Migos/ And my bitches “Bad & Boujee,” he said.

As bill explained,This year, his legacy has been remembered and honored in various ways, most notably in the Benny Boom-directed biopic All Eyez on Me.Below is an embed audio from soundclound for you to listen to the track and head over to the Download link and the lyrics.
The track is dope song which is talking about gang star.Is there heaven for gang star The Game asked.In an explicit,the Game recognized 2pac by given a certain dope song for him and we should also acknowledge that the track is not a stray.Follow the link below to download from Datafile host to see how the track looks like,but take a look at The Game Heaven 4 A Gang Star Lyrics as we obtained from genius.

Heaven 4 Gang Star Lyrics

Can't forget about my OG Heron
My nigga' Montreal
My nigga' 2Pac
Hussein Fatal
And Kadafi

[Verse 1]
It's like riding down Greenleaf
Dre Day, smokin' green leaf (uhh)
Draco' in the front seat
And just to think, I made all this off one key
Two feet in Compton, one deep
Can't ride with me, 'less I'm Pimp C and you Bun B
My flag ain't got no stars on it, fuck my country
Get your toupée knocked off tryin' Donald Trump me
I'm the OG to the YG's
You ain't seen what I seen
My cousin Tasha shot in the stomach, pregnant at 19
She died, but the baby kept stompin'
That how hard us little niggas come up
Born and raised in Compton
We earned this shit, we learnt this shit
City used to be all white
Look how we turnt this shit
2Pac turning in his grave from all this nonsense
A little soldier ain't from Bompton
I put that on the homies

God said in the last days there would be times of difficulty. For people would become lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, too arrigant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous without self-control. Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. This calls for wisdom. Let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast. fuck Donald Trump, homie

Is there heaven 4 a gangsta, gangsta, gangsta? (Uhh)
Is there heaven 4 a gangsta, gangsta, gangsta? (Uhh)
Is there heaven 4 a gangsta, gangsta, gangsta? (Uhh)
Is there heaven 4 a gangsta, gangsta, gangsta? (Uhh)

[Verse 2]
God, forgive me for my sins
World full of bitch niggas
Lord, keep me out the pen
Keep my sons on the right track
My daughter on her momma side
Let the wind hit my baby face, its gonna be homicide
You don't father like I father, nigga
I father kids and I father niggas
I done been on Lil’ Yachty
Shot crips with Lil’ Uzi
Got bricks from the Migos
And my bitch is bad and boujee
Every time I turn around
Somebody trying to sue me
And old friends turn colors
Like Notorious B.I.G., Coogi
I promise this ain’t a movie, my nigga
This ain’t on Netflix
This is every time you in the club, we gonna set trip
Another dead body on the dance floor
That’s what them hood niggas do, when them bands low
Red rag on my head, I’m still Rambo
Fuck a pistol, what these hands for?

                                              Follow the Link to Download the track. 

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