The cause Of Hurricanes Havey And Irma In Texas:Jennifer Lawrence Blames Donald Trump

Jennifer Lawrence not leaving cood to over catch her.Jennifer was extremely optimistic in the indecent that
over took in Texas last month and her reputation has fall in with the American president Donald Trump.During an interview with her along with Britain's Channel 4,desperately she explained the oppressive that over shadow in Texas last month.Hurricanes Havey is a nature's fury and can lead to death may be as many as individuals are concern.All her intention were made during an interview about her new on going movie called ''Mother''

During the interview,Jennifer Lawrence fetch in Donald Trump using him to explain about the climate change.She firmly believes Donald Trump is the cause of the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.In her state during that moment,she claimed that Climate change this days is cause by human activity.

As Topstars followed her self-confidence,she said that it' scary .it's the new language that's the forming-i don't even recognize''she added,it' scary to know it's been proven through science that climate change is due to human activity.And we contained to ignore it and the only voice we have is through voting '' she stopped

Her Speech was over heard by the interviewer ,and the interviewer imminently reply bu saying,the American voted for Donlad Trump who never believes in climate change.J.Law feel mope about Donald Trump that's how we understand her  after she replied back with a puzzling saying,''the result was really starting you're watching these hurricanes now and it's hard especially while promoting this movie,not to feel Mother Nature's rage and Wrath.

L.Law lamented the bad things that keep happening since the president took place.she wlied respite should take place and she also thinks that people are being separated into opposing groups and upsetting.she keep recycling about how she feels following the current situation.thing she see around sometimes makes her feel sick as she explained.

''I've heard things and see things on TV in my own country that devastate and make me sick''.she said till followed up saying ''it's really confusing''i don't find him confusing i think i know exactly what he is''.

Jennifer Law. has that deep concern about the political situation and never stand a chance to vote for Donald Trump.Jennifer Law. always believes that Donald Trump will not be opportune to bring the moonlit.During 2015 Donald Trump pick a form for American Candidacy,she prove that it if Donald Trump becomes the
President that will be the end of the world.she told EW.Like seriously she dropped that oddly about Donald T and his government of 2017

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