Sunday Report:Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Suffering Seizure In Chicago

lil wayne seizure
Weeezy-Lil Wayne is reported undertaking a serious medical treatment after a self incendiary in Chicago which took place on Sunday (Yesterday). Lil Wayne well being is reported about his Seizure which most times the rapper find himself.Since this annual,Lil Wayne nab no despair on his illness that such occurrence is going to took place in his hotel.Since this year Lil Wayne is ok,conveying his activities which made his fans welcome a bedazzled greeting since he never encounter Seizure as the year roll on.

Now the bad faze catch up Lil Wayne in his hospital located in Chicago.While he spent some time in hotel Lil Wayne was found Unconsciously,grasping air breathing but luckily to him his entourage was able to take him to the near by hospital were he is currently receiving medical treatment at Northwestern Memorial hospital.

Lil Wayne should have pick up some shows and he is hoping to take a show in that night before he the incident took place in Chicago.All show was hated,though he only got one show in mind but the Doctor advice Lil Wayne after his getting some strength not to pick on the show while his entourage try to get him off from the Northwestern Memorial hospital

Lil Wayne wasn't discharged from the hospital of  Northwestern Memorial till further notice from the doctor.Miff might be one of the things that's going to get fans flip on Lil Wayne show as source also told us that Weezy gat some show with Rae Sremmurd and the show is aimed to precipitate at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas on Sept. 3.(Yesterday)

Well,as Top can have the new genuinely,Lil Wayne is currently feeling good after some treatment made on him.the rapper can make it with his fans and Rae Sremmurd also and the Creepy misdemeanor towards his fans should be understand so far now, but Lil Wayne is yet to announce if the show at Dari Night is going to take place.

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