Selena Gomez Joins Rihanna On Puma Deal-She Signed $30 Million Deal With Puma

Selena Gomez is she becoming that multi Bill as she makes this new deal with Puma.New deal from Puma to Gomez has raised up with $30 Million.Like you never see her before with Puma sneakers but obviously this deal keep making foot more interesting with Selena Gomez.Bring the same deal along with Rihanna who already make the Puma company a hostage for her Sneakers and she was also reported with Puma on the Road With Collection Pop-Up Bus.

Selena Gomez recently undergoes Kidney transplant this year meaning that we expecting her to back-off with some deals or show that has to do with her health.Fetch singer rather show a great impress about her health condition by allowing the new deal with Puma to seal her cover by signing the ransom $ about 30 Million.Her health condition is undergoing the suitable living with her now.

In some cases like endorsing a a specific deal, i think the NBA and some other athletes has been in that better position to make it right with Puma but now that our respective celebrities are getting involved in the endorsement, things will now taken to another level with Puma especially seeing Gomez as of the Celebrities who are fight along with Puma company.

She dragged that attention with the ruminates that everybody are peeking on her.She unwrap this not only on her twitter account but main looking at her and what she's putting on we already concluded that she's into puma deal as she sample it like Rihanna normally takes a look.

She has start the advert for herself as she deal with Puma.The only work for her is to help in marketing the Puma Sneakers and wears and of cus you can also Riri do that mostly with Fety X Puma.Is very and interesting that Selena Gomez is proving her health condition with this endorsement because it never seem that easy.
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