Safaree Disclosed his Thought About Nicki Minaj and Nas Relationship

nas nicki and safaree
Top will always talk about the trio been in a date with with themselves.Nas and Nicki Minaj has their delicious during this year after she split with with her Ex Meek Mill.Few years ago Nicki explained why she breaks up with Safaree who keep leaping a certain mind towards Nicki Minaj although what he continue to talk about is how he and Nicki dated for the past. TMZ also reported last year that safaree has a new dating after he shutdown with Nicki Minaj by moving forward to proceed his life with a new Bea called Nikki Mudarris.

However, Safaree and Nas are reported those celebrities who have dated Nicki Minaj but Safaree Samuel finally fall into a felony while Meek Mill took over Nicki Minaj since last two years but later ditch relationship following a party,but Meek Mill made this official by admitting he has finally cut the dating off with Nicki Minaj.

Nas and Nicki Minaj Spotted together in a birthday part of Nas were Nicki Minaj acted so interesting such that make that awareness indicating she's got Nas back.During the party time,she seem making a explicit nuzzling with Nas were by she grabbed and she snuggled on Nas arms like she's the new acting boss to Nas while Nas celebrate his Birthday with some hot nap with her.

Currently Nas and Nicki Minaj might be fully as one of one photo on our Facebook page depicting the lovebirds in a moment of the birthday.

Now top has also received a new report about the throw regard to Nicki Minaj and Nas as the swirling continue to make more wave.Safaree Samuel is not giving any dub to Nicki Minaj and Nas as they pair nabbed their love mood.Report has told us that Samuel dropped a thought that seem refrain wrapping the relationship of the diva and the mogul.

But his emphasis is been looked up as a personal advise to Nicki and Nas because main looking at his words that he the source,categorically he wants them to build a solid relationship unlike the time Nicki is dating Meek Mill.according to him,he said that
"If you want it to be real you just got to keep it real, and let it be for really home and not the public. So once you start doing all of that stuff to prove something is real that's going to put stress on relationships and it just makes a relationship way harder and everything starts to look corny after a while. But when it's private and don't nobody know nothing and all they can do is speculate, then it's like okay cool. You want to be in their business or we can't because we don't know sh*t."
he told the source.

Well is good time that he just figured for Nicki Minaj and Nas but all we need to know here is that he deed the advice around himself because Nicki and Nas never seek for it.And again if the current lovers are to peek on his advise i think that gonna make some real sense to them. 

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