Rihanna Speaks on Donald Trump Issue-Don't let your People Die

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To those of us living their how is the political system with Donald Trump Government,who are those that feels miff about Trump,but is either you stalk on him or found major reason you should think Trump is currently undergoing a bad run-time with his government aimed on the people.This has been her inner meditation and she's out to render a reason why sh's speak against Donlad Trump-(Rihanna).

Hurricane Maria issue is one the problem most people are hating on Donald Trump and you have to agree with it that Rihanna previously took private on Donald Trump were she stated her post online emphasizing about the Hurricane Maria which is one the world new since the nasty more misdemeanor surfaced as a devastating at Puerto Rico.

Rihanna already brings that topic to Donald Trump to assist the devastating at Puerto Rico.Make more assiduousness to help the people out of this ish she twitted to Donald Trump.She feels that Trump is outdoing the expectation rather she proceed to sanction with her pretty manner telling the US president working on the bad incident and also help those in need.

She has arrived in the second time to tell or remind the president if he have forgotten his duty.She clear Donald Trump on twitter post with the caption showing the exactly what is going on in Puerto Rico.In fact this caption should gear the president because this's coming directly from Rihanna to Donald Trump.

The people living in Puerto Rico are really needs that as some of the occupancy in the area seek for Food,Water,Power and Medical care.

"Dear @realDonaldTrumpI know you've probably already seen this, but I just wanted to make sure! Don't let your people die like this." this how Rihanna twit her post to the Mr.president.see below post.
While the folloed up tweet from Rihanna is some good regards she gave to forma presidents

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