Rihanna and Fan Exchanged Diss Respond While Performing Live Vocal

rihanna AND dj khaled
Rihanna never want any diss from any fan.Rihanna knows how to reply her fan when ever it comes to bad character though she might reflect her action to her fellow celebrities but sometime she understand what it takes to be a fan of somebody else.Rihanna most reacted action since this year,i think this present one can be added in line which has made her to feel more exited for who she is.

A fan took it on social media trying to slam the Man Down singer during her live show with with her Vocal.the fan of Rihanna makes a slight mock unveiling she needed to improve more in Vocal.though the comment was dodged and Riri don't mind to curb on that very comment but she make a line saying thanks for your concern as the post was posted by theshaderoom.

"DM her about vocals please tell her to perform better please me and other fans want her to improve," one fan wrote in the comments.

Rihanna must have noticed the constructive criticism/possible shade, because she left a short but fierce reply, writing simply, "Thanks for your concern."
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