P-Square Top 10 Videos Of All Time

P-Square popularly known as Peter and Paul.the pair brothers is due refer as born of identical twins.In Nigeria today the R&B singers Peter and Paul light up or gaps the Nigeria Music Industry relentlessly P-Square as a stage name gat it debut that the whole world can put on emphasis.However,Topstars agreed that Nigeria recording artists Peter and Paul -P-Square made their first hit that sales right round during the year of 13.by Timbuk2 Music label album as Wikipedia record.In the first debut of their album that made good prolific following their first album called Last Nite.Yeah ,Last Nite is the first album of P-Square which can serve as the their fist starting point and finally lead them to a greater high today.

Now,counting via the annual years,P-Square gat that videos that keep leaping on daily basis.The twins brothers Peter and Paul though had best of their Music Videos but we ought to know that when an artist state it best in his/her career during the scratch,fans normally value it unlike the time it comes to retirement.Most of the old visual of an artist keep proving how best or how creative a certain person is capable of.P-Square last minute video in the prior cab be frighten owing to how their previous videos looks like.The throwback existence of  P-Square videos is a forward fortunate to be compared with the recent ones in line.But deliberately the earlier creativity of P-Square always lament the best.

However,As P-Square continue to avid on the career in a justifiable understanding given to the fans.Lets inspire you with the what the duo has made earlier following the excelling on their door step.But before we start to buzz or halve to above top,P-Square Top 10 Videos Of All Time,we urge you to understand the respective highlight below in a decade videos of P-Square as we detailed

              Top 10 P-Square Videos And Tracks

No.1.Senorita:Senorita video has it stated by P-Square,making a lollipop on You-Tube and currently nimble it view for about 1 Million plus since when it debut on You-Tube during the year of 11 but the street drive senorita was kicked off during the year of 2.In those days of Senorita Video,Categorically Senorita as a poor shot Video and also been directed by their elder brother Jude Okoye Piggyback the most admiring whenever it being played.Watch Senorita Video Below.

No.2.Beautiful Onyinye Ft Rick Ross
:For the first time the trio made the best with the track and Video of ''Beautiful Onyinye'',it has always being realize that P-Square Music career finally has no secrete but it marathon will also call in this particular Video.The trio on white outfit,white ship and the verse of the track also featured with tribe while Rick Ross rap in English.Watch Below Video Of Beautiful Onyinye.

No.3.Omoga Mi
:About P-Square Omoga Mi,the single try to narrate the indirect prejudice as Paul rise up voice poking at one end about how girlfriend and his best friend nabbed him with a mystery behavior.According to Omoge Mi lyrics, P-Square followed up by reminding us in bridge 1 just to tell how her girl suck him off with his best friend.

                                     I bin forgive her the other time she was begging to be mine
                                     i told her not to cry that everything will be alright but now i
                                     i wonder why it has to be this guy this na my only best friend

as the lyrics flows .watch below.

No.4.Roll It
:Woow the duo creative is awesome to all visual.When it come to Nigeria breaking dance,so far so good  P-Square showcased it in the old video called Roll it by P-square.Peter and Paul Okoye leads the dance crew in the video that was inserted in the third album called Game Over after Get Squared was released during the year of 2005.In fact Peter all most dragged our perception on the Video as he dance much better in Roll It Video.Watch Below.

No.5.Do Me
:Another video of P-Square that will never grasp everyone remembrance is Do Me by P-Square.Do Me is one the best track and video of P-Square which debut with Roll It on 2005.The R&B singers brings it on a hall filled with bitches,making a gesture as their body experience the hit track Do Me.Do Me shouldn't be an optical illusion in P-Square music career because it has that rage of engagement with fans.Watch below.

No.6.Bizzy Body
:Bizzy Body is also one of the Square record in the earlier track that hits online with a great expectation in their Get Squared albumin 2005.Do you want to listen to you can download it here.Watch Version one below.

Watch Version two bwlow
No.7.Gimme Dat
: gradually,that time we call it success after all work are been done.P-Square Gimme Dat video prove that hard work will always act as a rock leading to greater bedazzled or convey a particular reason that give a particular impression.The video is one in town after it been released also directed by their elder brother Jude Okoye.Watch Gimme Dat Video Below.

No.8.Alingo:Alingo show up with a great feature during the year 2012.the beat,the scene and all about it made good impression.Alingo is the first hit line in P-Square album project Double Trouble in the year of 2014 with some other tracks.Watch Below.

No.9.Bring It On
:Still on Double Trouble album of P-Square.In the album,P-Square ft Dave Scott is an inspirational song that comes with Monty voice line.Bring it On,the last of P-Square trinity of new songs is strong on strings and smoothing  melody of Dave Scott catchy chorus.Watch Bring It On By P-Square  Below.

:Just in the valentine mood they gets us with this amazing Video for their latest single in this 2017 ''Away'' and is directed by Clarence.Away is not only track that was dropped so far from P-Square but some other track like Nobody ugly and Bank Alert can be join as one of P-Square Videos.Watch Away from P-Square Below.

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