Nicki Minaj Top Music Videos Of All Time

Nicki Minaj greatest of all time video that you all might like to watch over again and again.Nicki Minaj can drag us back with some of her videos which never die and in this annual year of MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARD Nicki Minaj slack back.Meanwhile one of her enemy mock on her during the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARD..Remy MA was able to throw a shade on Nicki following the M Award.

Though Nicki Minaj dodge most of the award winning just in the M award landing her to Remy Ma who prob her on twitter via throwing shade on her saying,''the mtv is off nicki what's new'' she added on twitter with most of her fans on social media.Days,weeks and months making it years that No Frauds rapper started her journey.Nicki Minaj has made names starting from set and most of Nicki Minaj tracks and videos most often serve as inspiration and one of here track is involved in the list below and also,most of her track and videos is been enjoy as a Hip-Hop diva.

Why Nicki Minaj is always the best rapper which has claimed so far can be counted as her album always debut the best when ever her new project hits online.Her chart,streaming and lot more always pick a smile for her.Any diss track that she gat involved can be a hot line track given to her opponent as a flow back igniting the best for her,Like her diss track with Remy Ma.Nicki Minaj videos always made up with great features like eye-popping colors,adventurous editing,techniques and action.

Any video of Nicki Minaj drag most attention from fans like Anaconda and No Frauds which can be said to be those video that rise most aspect of Nicki Minaj following the recent.There's many video of Nicki Minaj that will never depart even she did her music will always swim like 2pac.Below is the best video track of Nick you need to keep watching on.

No.1.High School:High School Nicki Minaj video is an extremely a difference.Nicki Minaj team up with mirror singer to bring some colors on a visual.the video also made up with expensive cars,flying over all pools as they came after BTS.Weezy also pick a role as the main bas pounds out of the audio below video.

No.2.The Night Is Still Young:Yeah,one of the grabbing video of Nicki Minaj so far with a glittering surfacing is ''the night is still young''.what is the MP4 you-tube try to rim.Well in the video that was settled at LA,California,just during the time of was a great step that video has it shoot and is all about about night men/dudes in leather jacket making a poke.Nicki also emerge as the boss while the female posse aim arround her as she throw a hot line.Watch The Night Is Still Young below

No.3.Va Va Voom:OK,va va voom is a double role player.Nicki MInaj va va voom got a pair role in the MP4 video.In the visual Nicki is a prince fantansies in the va va voom music video.Watch Va Va Voom below

No.4.Pound The Alarm
:I guess that sound clanging on ear bond.but when we are talking about Nicki Minaj Pound The Alarm ,we talk about carnival parting.In the video Nicki Minja gives the viewer and inflection party flavour to go along the bumping sound track.Watch Pound The Alarm below

No.5.Stupid Hoe:Who is Nicki Minaj referring the hoe pop to.she set up a nice visual in the video line.Nicki Minaj the pop color took it different color in the video to matching her mood of dressing ,making up on a gap aiming the stupid Hoe to have it best visual.the video also gave out astonished scene were she changed from one thing to another.Watch the Stupid Hoe below

No.6.StarShips:Even today i still re brand my starship from Nicki Minaj.As we said earlier about the diva,she gave the best part of her Music video and willing to spend eyeful amount of money to have a nice visual.starships with it butt,twerk it all round and Nicki blow it up with a warm beaches of Oahu.Watch starships which surfaced during the year of 2012.

No.7.No Frauds:That time we call it a team work aimed around Remy Ma.But did the video makes a lot of noise ?.I guess it did. After Remy Ma drop her thundering tack in the first line dissing Nicki Minaj just this year 2017 the pair divas hits back to back on each other throwing a diss track called Shether and No Frauds which was teamed with Drake,Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in favoring Nicki.Watch No Frauds Video Below.

No.8.Super Bass:We call it Nicki Minaj ''Super Basss''. What do you know about Nicki Minaj Super Bass-is all about her excelling and Super Bass video is not only one of the best from Nicki Minaj but the single pop her out from downgrade to upper grade today.this video below is a video Nicki Minaj will always count on.Watch super Bass Video below. No.9.Fly:Setin post-apocalytic wasteland Nicki Minaj and badgariri Rihanna made a very big video shooting named Fly.Fly is a collabo Nicki to Rihanna rise up voice to gave out a good verse in the track.We can also talk about Blade Bunner and Terminator.Watch Fly from Nicki Minaj to Rihanna blow. No.10.Regret In Your Tears:If at all you have lay a peek on one of the inspiring video from Nicki Minja i think this video will always heal a heart that was broke off.Nicki Minaj emotional visual called Regret in your tears forward all her speech to her man who breaks with her and she promise him that he will not see anyone like her. What do you think about this post?tell us your mind or is there any T.Y.P.O and misspelling or any thing you think,just scroll down and use your prefer method like Blogger comment box,Disqus Comment box or feel free to use Facebook comment plugin to express yourself.We are doing this to serve you better.

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