Nicki Minaj Told Her Barbz About Her Fourth Project and is Called Beyond Good

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Recalling in a prior,Billboard talked about the few things we should be expecting from Nicki Minaj project which is her fourth studio album.Everything we ought to know about Nicki alb was due highlighted so far from the site and today Nicki is out to slash some of her up mind,unveiling what it takes her working on studio in her relentless time.Following her Pinkprint which surfaced on 2014,she has never debuted and project yet but she gave out promise to her fans about the fourth project which she is currently working on with all assiduousness just to make it right with her fans.

Categorically she emphasis on her upcoming project disclosing it in a title called BEYOND GOOD. Yeah, the long awaiting fourth project of Nicki Minaj is called beyond good which she has already discus with hers fans (Barbz).After some disturbance from the publication aiming at Nicki to release new album after she smash up with Pinkprint yet all are still expecting a great work from Nick to have it's fall may in this annual.

During the Bill HOT 100 it was clear that she never stand a chance at that outstanding week with billboard.most of her featured tracks due slack back accept the one she got ft with Future and Rake it up.We all remember during the MTV VIDEO AWARD, she was slammed by one of her enemy Remy Ma after Remy realize that she got no price at the MTV 2017 AWARD.

  Following Pink exit,Nicki came back last month to announce her upcoming album which she disclosed to ''BEYOND GOOD'' as we said earlier.Now in a new catch off guard,during the Philipp Plein fashion which we updated last two days about her black call out by Philipp.during the event show,she took it in a phrasing speech as she was about to have her exit,“I love you and I adore you,” she said, before adding, “Oh, the album. Oh my God! The album is so f***in’ good!” and she then head over to her back

Nicki as well made her clear mind about the BEYOND GOOD album showing more sure about the anticipating project in her studio.
Again,you should also know that this album which is coming sooner has a lot to explain about Nicki Minaj.since her last alb many challenges and some diss tracks is an injury to her meanwhile she might be coming with a pair of arsenal just to revenge against her enemy.Source also told that Nicki Minaj is linking up with part dance-hall.

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