Nicki Minaj Riles Aaliyah Fans by Fun of the Late Singer's Death on Twitter

nicki minaj crash aaliyah plan slamed
As report has it about Aaliyah,one or two rumors was told that Aaliyah was Killed in plan while in the Bahamas shooting a video, Minister of Tourism Tommy Turnquest told the Associated Press as MTV reported in that prior.Actually it wasn't that easy for fan fans to withstand and slam around the actress after when they has experienced the painful exist about Aaliyah.


Following death of Aaliyah in plain crash at Bahamas,Damon Dash the American entrepreneur also move a long way to narrate the death of the actress.As Bill reported, Host Jeannie Mai asked Dash about a comment he had made on a recent episode of the VH1 reality show Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn, where he said that Aaliyah's death.
"There is no chance that, if I was there, we would have been on that plane." he said. "So it would have never happened that way."

As we said,it wasn't that funny to see any annoying or any miff of any kind for her fans to encounter with when you ever talk about Aaliyah.Nicki Minaj might be falling a victim from  Aaliyah Fans following her post on twitter.An new report has surfaced that Nicki Minaj is making that retract joke about Aaliyah as one of her post speaks saying “Someone’s IN my DMs saying they want this man holding the cat”.mtonews also got it official.see below post

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