Nas Trending on Meek Mill On a New Rant with Nicki Minaj-it looks like a Diss

diss me nas nicki meek mil
You will continue to experience that celebrities gossip as Nas and Nicki Minaj hits their dating and this time it already verify that it wasn't a speculation or you are thing that is a swirling that will soon shot a dem.Is No More a dem sh**t that Nick and Nas are going extremely stronger.They have nabbed the best moment as we updated yesterday following Safaree Samuel who also try to extend an advice to the growing in love lovebirds.

We also want you to acknowledge that  Nicki Minaj will be facing some hogwash after some series moment she has spent with related celebrities like Meek Mill and Safaree Samuel.Though it seem that the diva is ready to receive and misconduct or may be any miff from the pair celebs Meek and Safaree cus she gat a dude who will always back for her as the case may be.

He took as a trending after we listen to viral line with him.Nas has pick some voice to make a new Change aimed on Meek Mill.Yeah that's what we believes and we are refuting this without a despair.As they spent some days during the Birthday party of Nas, might be a secret since that time that there was a video on a beefalart aiming to the online media beef gang-stars.He called the female genitalia.Yeah Nas said it following his night time with Nicki.

“All you ni**a is pu****, everybody that rap is pu***,” Nas said,watch below.
This revenge,but is Meek Mill coming for this nasty from his EX and Nas or is he keeping quit to enjoy the Pu**y roll out from them.

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