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It gaps with The Weeknd the Gomez Lover had don in another new track named Down Low.Down Low is a new blues organized by weeknd as this month get to it fall. He made the Down Low official on his social media account disclosing his upcoming releasing single which has letter hit on social cloud.Drake and The Weeknd has made a great impression straightening towards Toronto since last three months.He also unveil the OVO of drake while trying to show case the new single before it gets to it's arrival.

What a secrete lovers implementing a way of loving each other in a silent mood and bring the lovebird of their relationship more closer.During his track line,he sings "While making love to him girl, you're silently calling on me/ What is a man to do in a situation like this?/ I feel there is something that I, I don't wanna miss," as Billboard get it viral video.Before you head over the download link,below is the related IG post which surfaced on media before the track became a single.

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