List Of High Paid Athletes In The World Today

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Do you know in the history of Athletes,they are the celebs who earning a lot of money in this far as track event is part of our daily exercise which most individual normally took it when it comes to more duties like,running from one pol to another or playing a home street football,making an inside basket football,or may be you or i can end up loving volleyball,cricket and lot more.

But despite some of involved in those activities you also know that some personalities out there got that as their passion.Making what you don't seem understandable when it comes to their earning or how their money flow from edge to edge.Though a bit difference that not all Athletes are make huge dos but however it looks like you are in no passion to compete with such,in Athletes.

This days now Floyd "Money" Mayweather can be counted as one the paid Athlete in sport activity.His fought over McGregor is not a balk to get his as one of the Ath because he can now handle many things as a boxer. His career earnings include fight purses, money from pay-per-view sales, ticket sales, and endorsements. With a reported payday in excess of $300 million from Saturday, that elevates Mayweather into the ranks of athletes who've made a billion dollars alongside Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Michael Schumacher.

When it comes to Football Messi and C.r7 can be part of the highest paid  Athletes in the world today.Football as an enjoying field event which Man Woman can be part of.Football players are earning higher on any player match.Somebody like Michael Jordan is also the best  Athletes in the world also.the basket hobby made more than $93 million over his 15 year professional basketball career.Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer are also the best so far.

Today Top have link up with the list of the highest paid  Athletes and we have made it Top 20.Yeah the below list is the Top paid Athletes of all time.

#20. Manny Pacquiao, boxing, $490 million

#19. Oscar De La Hoya, boxing, $510 million

#18. Jeff Gordon, NASCAR racing, $515 million

#17. Lionel Messi, soccer, $520 million

#16. Alex Rodriguez, baseball, $600 million

#16. Roger Federer, tennis, $600 million

#14. Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer, $620 million

#13. LeBron James, basketball, $640 million

#12. Greg Norman, golf, $680 million

#11. Mike Tyson, boxing, $685 million

#10. Shaquille O'Neil, basketball, $700 million

#9. David Beckham, soccer, $730 million

#8. Phil Mickelson, golfer, $760 million

#7. Kobe Bryant, basketball, $770 million

#6. Michael Schumacher, Formula 1 racing, $1 billion

#5. Floyd Mayweather, Jr., boxing, $1.1 billion

#4. Jack Nicklaus, golf, $1.15 billion

#3. Arnold Palmer, golf, $1.35 billion

#2. Tiger Woods, golf, $1.65 billion

#1. Michael Jordan, basketball, $1.7 billion

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