Justin Bieber Supports Black Lives and He Speaks Out Against Racism

justin bieber talks about black lives
When Last do you heard about black lives or how many times you ever see people condemning the black race.Celebrities are not part of this condemnation probably not all.Justin Bieber is standing out to speaks his mind about the racism.Seeing people stalking and hog-washing the black race, but that never suite the Canadian Top star but his intention about what others thinks about black lives is totally negative.

Black America that's not were he came from and that doesn't mean  he will rise an incendiary against the black lives.Bieber is such a caring CB who thinks that condemnation about black lives an awkward feels to most individual.He took few days ago to piggybacking the bad eggs that some people are claiming to ruin the Black Americans may be Africa as a whole.

Below is what he thinks about Black Lives...........
"I am a white Canadian and I will never know what it feels like to be an African American," he wrote. "But what I do know is I am willing to stand up and use my voice to shine light on racism, because it's a real thing and it's more prevalent now than I have ever seen in my lifetime.."as this also surfaced on his IG account.

As you can see his caption,he also use the Christian way of life to complement this issues saying we are all Gods children and we are ALL EQUAL.

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