Jose Mourinho Declares Rooney A Legend

rooney is a legend mouriho
Jose Mourinho has it for Wayne Rooney making more exited that he's a true Legend as the updated appears on manutd website.Rooney is similar spent 13 consecutive years which can be compared with messi in his club as we updated following his discussion.The site disclosed that Rooney has netted about 253 goals during during all this years.

Jose Mourinho who told manutdtv that word ''Legend'' always use by people a a world for a complement but the manager took the word Legend as an extra greeting to a specific person.As he continue with his regard to Wayne Rooney he said that,

"I think sometimes the word 'legend' is used too easily but that's not this case. He's a real legend in the club," the boss told MUTV. "The numbers, they speak by themselves. He's obviously a legend for this club and for sure he's going to get the welcome that he deserves."

Asked whether the pair would have a pre-match catch up before kick-off, the manager added: "I think, before, an obvious hug, we've been friends. "But [we'll] talk after the match when the players' dressing room and my office are open for him. He doesn't even need to knock on the door."

At his press conference, Mourinho added that he felt the reception towards Rooney will inevitably change once the match kicks off. "I think the stadium will show him the respect that he deserves, I hope, before the match and after the match," said Jose. "Not during the match. During the match, he is an Everton player who wants to win the game."
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