Jay z and Beyonce Has A new Mansion That Worth $26 In Hamptons

jay and bey bought a new mansion $26
Since this year it being good to one husband and wife Jay and Bey.Many Celebrities has gotten a ransom accommodation and of them is Rihanna who also bought that dope amount of mansion that worth about $6.8 mill in dollars.However that shouldn't be compared with Jay z and Beyonce since this year getting to it end.Jay and Bey has bought a new house again after they bought some during the time she was about to put to birth to Sir and Rumi.

What's the great news about Jay z and Wife Beyonce?,They are seriously making their billion life clang together to the hearing to the public.But are you still wondering how many house Jay z and Beyonce has or how many house have Jay z and Beyonce has bought since this year.well the answers can be many yeah,many they has because both Bey also get her own single house in Miami and jay z also have and as a billion couple they also share some house together.

According to the current purchase they made in Hamptons as Trulia report,the new house of Beyonce and Jay z is currently worth such a lucrative $26 and measures 12,000 square feet, not to mention the 1800 square foot guest cottage which also sits on two-acre property.They house was purchased after they made some expenses and also following after they had their twins Sir and Rumi.In more details about the house in Ham.it bear its 7 bedroom and 7.5 bathrooms and that's going to suit the family in the number of 5 Jay,Bey,Blue Ivy,Sir and Rumi i guess without other special personnel.

They have so many expenses the last time they spend some dope dollar was the time they they spent $88 million on a Los Angeles home with six 6 building surrounding it making a whole mansion.Many activities can also be carried in the build as it comes with some play ground like basketball 4 out door swimming pool.This guys are really making the celebrity life more interesting especially they way they are living as a couple.

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