Is Remy Ma And Cardi Collaborating In This Year-New Song New Studio

Is Remy Ma And Cardi Collaborating In This Year-New Song New Studio
Cardi B is OK with Remy Ma and Remy gets to strike  new single with the "Bodak Yellow" draw more attention that Remy and Cardi B might drop a thundering track in the coming fall and the pair seem nabbed each other in hint side talking about a new single but Remy is actually the play-maker when talking about new collaboration.

 As we verge with the KendallKyndall interview that was link with Facebook Live,the diss rapper disclosed that she catch Back in collaboration and both are teaming up to make a gold and sliver.she have made anticipating declaration following the interview meanwhile it gonna happen.

Remy Ma believes and stick on it.both put on mare emphasis to give out a hot track as she said."Yes, we actually were talking about it last night," Remy said. "She like, literally grabbed me like, 'We need to do a song together.' I was like, 'OK,' she was like, 'I'm not playin!'".

Remy ma can be clanging with Nick Minaj but she also acknowledge that Nicki is a good diva in a queen of rape.But as for Card B she thinks she's just a super rising diva. though "Bodak Yellow" is not despair to her.Remy Ma take Cardi B in slight strength but after fondness the "Bodak Yellow" artist put on i think she has now agreed.
"I think she's dope. What's so weird is when I first heard her — in this business you see people come in and take this rap thing as a joke. Everybody thinks, 'Oh, if I got a fat a** and a pretty face, I'm gonna be a rapper. I'ma get somebody to write my rhymes and I'm gonna be a rapper,'" she said. "The world we live in made it seem like that's all you had to do. I just assumed that that's what it was with her, and I actually told her this. And then I see one day — I was on Youtube or something, she had to be about 17 in high school and she was performing in a talent show in school and I was like, wow. It just changed everything about how I felt about her."
she said.
Now is clear that Remy Ma bears no dispute with Cardi B and no awful laying on line with them.both are teaming up in a new track,i mean Remy Ma and Cardi B are coming in side studio soon to make a below video

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