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Is Kanye West & Jay-Z Putting An End To Their Feud?

beefing jay z and kanye west hov ye
Things are lingering about Kanye West and Jay z after Jay embark on Kanye West flaw about beef up and there family.Knaye is been blamed by Jay over the beef both are encountering today.Hov continue to call up his intention about the problem he and Kanye West are facing.

He was the person that start it now is resulting to a very big problem between us. Everything about us can talk about he went extra to bring my family,my wife and children in our dispute. said in our earlier update.

What's the new rumored about Jay z and Kanye West?,they has it again that the pair dragon fighters are being calling each other just to reconcile with their end up feud.As source told the,Ye is in a situation of going back to Jay z the elder bro to make things right.Jay z and Kanye West are finally coming to an end of their long awaiting end up beef.

Per-the TMZ also reported the swirling rumor following the beef with Jay z and Kanye West making things right at the right.What might the method of canceling this miff,can Kanye West work up to Jay z to say am sorry big bro?,can he make more clear understanding to themselves.Though he recently ask for face to face gush up with Jay z as TMZ told us.Top can't just believe the upcoming reconciliation with Hov and Ye till more fact is being peek on.

What Jay keep stalking about is he brings his family into their beef and we all should agree with that as our last update also drag more attention about Kanye Diss Beyonce during a stage show.Jay also talked about himself clanging with his younger bro (Kanye West),he have all right to end the beef but when he remember what the nagger is up to he end up encountering a riles of anger on him.

OK,is not all about money or dos,is not all about the online streaming services from TIDAL or SPOTIFY,is not all about the lawsuit which each keep engaging on, yet the problem keep counting on the relationship about their family.About a month back now, were Hov explained that he will never forgive YE for his act slamming Bey and his children.

So with the above report,do you think the end up beef will be taken as a retract?

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