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Drake Gives $200,000 To JJ Watt's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser

For the past few weeks now we keep talking about Hurricane Harvey in Taxes which most of the top Celebs also sympathizing with us or to those who have encountered the bad indecent that took place so far.Celebrities seem being the ones he are making a deep impact concerning the Hurricane Harvey of 2017.

Nicki Minja,Kelvin hat,Chris Brown,Jay z and Wife also donated to the Hurricane Harvey even Master P who blames Kelvin for making the donation to be a challenge to themselves by trying to makes it who gonna donate higher than other celebrity.Though he also drop a great point about what happened in Taxas as we pay in some dos to assist in making every thing right.

In new case with Dreezy and his peaceful mind took it on IG to show up wit his own reputation about the Hurricane Harvey Relief.But i think Drake just believes that there should be a good method of handling this and other celebrities seem being the ones that keep motivating fellow celebs just to do something about Hurricane Harvey Relief.
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He took it on IG saying "To the resilient people of Houston and the entire state of Texas, I would like to send you all of our love and all of our prayers. To the brave men and women that have assisted in aide, relief, and rescue, your actions are truly heroic. My good friend J.J. Watt started a fundraising effort through YOUCARING and I've donated $200,000 towards it."
Drake is a great brave man who cares for others and his contribution continue to keep him as one of the best celebrities in line.Other Topstars also made that great by donating,show how they are touched about the people of Houston.

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