Drake Again Mingle Out With Hot Toronto Girl

Can he settle down with this rumored swirling.Oh is seem a new date that gat at hand now and we are about to hear some dash he saying about this.May be if you are a Toronto Lady you have to take a look at this.Drake has played a lot in the lives of our pretty celebrities yet who wanna see him again with this.

The new outward surfaced with drake dating a Toronto G.What's the name of this gumming lady?,is Nekisha Taneil as source told us.As source continue to light up hot notice about the lovebird,Drake and Nekisha are seriously on a move.He even went that fast to present some apartment for his and the new lady.But is this a contractual with Drake and the Toronto G,Top is yet to report this as an official story meanwhile we are yet to dub this a name.Page six.See some photos of Nekisha Taneil,
A post shared by Nekisha Taneil πŸŒ• (@nikki_c_lavie) on

A post shared by Nekisha Taneil πŸŒ• (@nikki_c_lavie) on

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