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lil wayne seizure
The news continue to rotate about the miff in Lil Wayne been hospitalized in LA after his attended on a hotel room.How was Lil Wayne Seizure situation now,but i think in less than some hours probably days he will head over to his residency.As the source told us but not in a swirling or may be the story about of Lil Wayne  Seizure is not authentically fact that Top has believe it without any prior story in Lil Wayne recent activities. Is certain that rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized Northwestern Memorial and give a relentless fact his update Reginae Carter the daughter (age 18) of Wayne has claimed no awkward but don in support about the Mirror singer health starting from Sunday.

Reginae Carter will like to prove with his father to make sure all fans of Weezy stay cam about the hospitalized rapper.all things that took place on Sunday night is currently being taken care of.Lil never know that such occurrence gonna took place but catch off guard have it place around him causing a lot and a misdemeanor Lil and his fans though most of his keep igniting on him by praying for him for a quick recovery.Seizure on Lil Wayne has may times bring an Awful to him not the first time or second,and the same situation catch him down while staying in LA hotel.

Reginae Carter has to say something regarding to her DAD heath,presently.Reg Cart again on twitter to open up to the publication to slammed and upcoming rotten egg aim on her Dad present situation.Reginae Carter being a wise girl took on social Media (Twitter) to give more highlight about dad Lil Wayne suffering another seizure Sunday in Chicago.She said that her dad is doing great and he is fine and she also extend more greeting to fans who render more fondness on her dad.below is what she said on Twitter.

“My dad is doing fine everyone! Thanks for the concern you guys are amazing” she tweeted out before adding “Oh yeah… & don’t believe everything you hear.”
Well,with her cheer up from  Reginae Carter,i think Lil Wayne is doing much better since the daughter claimed more than us.Also you should know that Lil is still in the hospital and he is verging ahead of his discharge soon.Further more,Lil Wayne Seizure shouldn't be new story as we said.You should recall during the year of 13,Wayne was revealed that he was epileptic.

Last year about a month during the year,he was also involved in the same ill-heath about Seizure.Categorically Lil Wayne has suffered some pain in previous years yet facing another this year which resulted to his
hospitalized last can also read here for his ''Tha Carter V'' history .

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