Cristiano Ronaldo promies to take Over against Lionel Messi for one reason

C Ronaldo vs Messi
Such a great challenge that we all gonna see and the fact this time is that CR 7 promise that he will be making to the top high just to run more explicit in his career.Top has it again were Cr7 makes it extremely distinct that his's going to outscore Messi as the season has it final fall. Two strikers always aimed such glimpse about their debating just all time and this seem being an interesting game when we normally talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Do you remember with us during that we updated about Cr7 been on suspension for shoving a ref.Yeah he was hated for that and also being suspended.This incident wasn't actually making a sense to CR7 and Messi continue to net the goalkeeper with some thundering goals was counted for him while Cristiano Ronaldo back slack.

Fan might feels such agony for this and everyone is believing that the Portugal play star is the one losing because CR7 already set to win this season Ballon d’Or this season after winning the Liga and Champions League.

However ,C will also put on more best of his effort to attack a good impression following Messi netting the goalkeeper with goals while site to watch the goals.Messi ans Cr7 are good friends now as they become father of children and will soon settle down for their retirement anytime it calls.

Source also told us that Ronaldo agreed that he is on no dispute with the Barcelona professional player (Messi). According to his statement he said that he due feels good when ever he is with him and he also stated that he don't go to his house to eat with him but Ronaldo do put more subtext just to clear what he gat on below.

“Whenever I’m with him, I have a very good relationship with Messi.
“It’s not that I go to his house and eat together. He is not a friend, but I consider him a companion by profession and not a rival because I don’t like it, like comparisons.
“It is part of the work and the world of football.
“I really enjoy seeing him on the pitch and all the great players.
“I like to see all good players and Messi is one of them. He is a player.”
The two players are good to welcome each other and Messi also stated the thing as Ronaldo did meaning that we are good with them.
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