Card B Top Taylor Swift On Billboard Hot 100 She Was Like Debuting A Shade On Her

Crad b and Taylor Swift on billboard hot 100
Frankly she seem unbeatable with that single that always acting as a diss.Nicki Minaj,Kanye West and Kim has find some dash with Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do". In fact most people are complaining that she hits up studio just to diss some fellow celebs but that what we are talking about today.

However another diva has it on her after she miss the chance to her top single on Billboard Hot 100.Card B is one of the diva whose new single "Bodak Yellow" keep speaking for her but this time it seem she didn't made with that hot track  "Look What You Made Me Do" (Taylor Swift) leading her to have some shade on Taylor Swift.

As you always know about "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift has keep making a couple of smash on Bill Hot and it a bad news that Card B is currently leading the Hot 100 as No.1 on Billboard.A lot thanks has encouraged fans to do more to keep support her "Bodak Yellow".She took it on IG thanking her fans in making her track to excel the best on Billboard Hot 100 as No.1.Watch her shade below
Card B has gotten that successful in her "Bodak Yellow" and she was very impress of what she is seeing on no probable that's the hand work of her fans and supporter who back for as she normally said.Card B was once reported having a shade With fellow rapper Nicki Minaj but that wasn't clear rather Nicki Minaj also cleared the air by congratulating her for her greatness with  "Bodak Yellow" after she made No.1 on Billboard Hot 100.See below.

Congratulations to a fellow NEW YAWKA on a RECORD BREAKING achievement. Bardi, this is the only thing that matters!!! Enjoy it.

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