2 Face and D'Banj Hits First Issue On Top-A Lady Claims They are No Longer prominent

What might be the Misdemeanor about this guys and a Ghanaian woman who alleged trio that they are no logger prominent.Top is reporting this issue first to surface on our update portal after we declares the pair among thetopstars in the world today right of Nigeria.

The online web broadcaster Naij reported this just in a synopsis detailing with some social media buzz from twitter account.Kimlykessh who the Nigerias regard her hogwash post as an indecent revamp aiming towards 2 Face and D'Banj.Following the post from the woman account,she made a creepy emphasis and trying to curb out some awkward moment from the Nigerians while post from Ghana saying,
So Nigerians still boasting with 2face and D'banj ?? Y"all still living in the ape time
Share was slammed over and yet this seem to big on social media.

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