What Is New In Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Beef?

What Is New In Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Beef?
[Dj Khaled And Son]-No matter what the silent is trying to keep,Remy Man and Nicki Minaj are not yet off.what is the new story between Remy Ma and Nicki someone might ask.we as far the track keep hitting themselves it will not die i mean the beef  which is keeping the pair live.However,there is a new story between Nicki and Remy Ma but this time Rem will continue to have the beef on her head and headbutting how she feels with Nicki Minaj.

The endless beef,still alive as it happened that a clip from Remy surface online though it directly talking about Nicki Minaj if you will understand the visual.in an open video named
“Rest in Peace,” which Remy Ma engaged herself with her entourage.

As the source has it,Comedian Emmanuel Hudson initially stepped up to the mic when Nicki’s name was shown on the tombstone, but quickly traded places with Remy after the crowd began chanting her name. Of course, the “All The Way Up” rapper obliged the audience’s request and made her way to the center of the stage.

But when she bent down to the mic, she simply said: “Shether,” referencing her vicious diss track. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly Remy’s fault that she was dragged back into the ring. After all, when the fans call, you have to deliver. Nevertheless, Remy and Nicki have gone back and forth, throwing shots on various tracks for quite some time now. Her latest eulogy brings back memories of the time she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in funeral attire and stated that she buried her competition once and for all.watch below and share.

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