What Beyonce Love Listening To During Hard Moment

 What Beyonce Love Listening To During Hard Moment[Even Sia Fight Donald Trump]-Not Everybody have listen to Beyonce when we're going through hard times — Lemonade is, after all, the ultimate album to put on when you're feeling unappreciated — but what does Beyonce listen to when she's going through it? According to her husband Jay Z, gospel music — Kim Burrell, to be specific.

According to BET, that during a sit down with Praise 102.5 FM, Burrell as well remembered a Discussion she had with Jay, during which he told her that his wife finds comfort in her music. "I flew out to L.A., and I went to go meet with Jay-Z," Burrell said.

"Jay Z called me, he says, 'Kim, I always know when Beyonce is going through something emotional or spiritual because I always hear you. She plays you really loudly through the house.'"

Burrell made Known that  Jay ended up reaching out to her for comfort of his own, explaining, "So he says, 'This time I need that, Kim. Will you come to LA?'" Burrell explained that she eventually agreed —after a two hour conversation. You can check out a clip from the interview below.

Here's What Beyonce Listens To When She's Going Through Hard Times

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